World-wide Experience


 Dan Uscoiu's résumé includes the representation of some important clients, both individual and business, from around the United States and the world. 
See partial client list, infra.

Representation and Negotiation

 The types of matters represented by Dan Uscoiu are varied. The areas of practice are set out in greater detail in other parts of this site. But what is in common with all areas of practice is that he is a highly capable and experienced negotiator, and most often the aspirations of the clients are achieved through considered and tenacious negotiation rather than litigation “warfare”. He is a lecturer on the topic of “negotiation”.

International Finance

A significant part of the practice is in international finance along with international law, which includes advising clients on the legal aspects of international investments and investment opportunities.


When civil law litigation has been necessary, most of his litigation cases have been against major law firms... with an excellent record of success.

Negotiation Experience

I have been solicitor for IBM Central an Eastern Europe for contracts and negotiations. I did negotiate with top banking officials of major and central banks, merchants banks and insurance companies. The list is too long for this summary.


One of the most common complaints regarding lawyers and their services is, "I never can get hold of my attorney". Unlike most lawyers, Mr. Dan Uscoiu's clients may contact him at any time of the day, seven days a week. He is available to his clients by office phone, home phone, cellular phone, fax and e-mail. When he is travelling, domestic or overseas, he advises his clients where he can be reached at all times.


Once a client has been exposed to this type of highly personal practice, the response is usually, "I would never go back to a traditional law firm". References are available.


The client determines what he/she wants to achieve and a way will be found to achieve it. "It cannot be done" is not an acceptable answer. Where there is a mind there is a way.